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Unilever Launches ‘Customer Development Academy’ to Bolster Retail Sales Teams.

Unilever Launches ‘Customer Development Academy’ to Bolster Retail Sales Teams.

Unilever Sri Lanka, one of the largest FMCG entities in the country, joined hands with i-Context to launch their Online Unilever Customer Development (CD) Academy recently.

The CD Academy is part of the Unilever Customer Development program. This cutting-edge platform was designed for the use of Unilever Sri Lanka’s Retail Sales team as an initiative to make them the Apex FMCG sales team in Sri Lanka.

AkazaLMS, on which the CD Academy was built, is powered by SLTMobitel. Mr. Selvendiran Vidyapan, General Manager of SLTMobitel, spoke about how critical akazaLMS powered by SLTMobitel is to the organization. “Digital transformation is something we’ve been paying attention to a lot here at SLT. Our IT personnel and infrastructure are highly developed and world-class.”

i-Context Co-founder and CEO Mr. Anjana Ratnsara also spoke at the event. In his words, “the best investment a company can make is, developing the potential of its people. Unilever has made this investment. And we congratulate them for guaranteeing its people can have the best training possible.”

Mr. Chathura Ganegoda, the department head of the CD Excellence Program, was grateful to i-Context for the services rendered. “I must thank i-Context and SLT for the unmatched platform and content development services provided to Unilever,” he said, “and the assistance they gave us to create one of Sri Lanka’s best workforces.”

The eLearning content created by i-Context for the Unilever CD Academy falls into ten modules. These range from company induction, to security, to sales procedure, and even soft skills. The ultimate goal of this training, as stated by the head of CD Academy Sri Lanka Mr. Chaminda Wijegunaratna, is to increase sales. He added that “with the leveled-up training system, we believe this goal is within reach.”

The concluding remarks were made by Mr. Aruna Mawilmada, the Director of Unilever Customer Development. “I thank the team at i-Context and SLTMobitel akazaLMS for delivering this beautiful program at the perfect time.” He went on to say, “we’ll be working with these organizations for many projects to come.”

Having provided the Unilever CD Academy of the FMCG sector, we here at i-Context are privileged to offer a safer learning option for the staff at Unilever. Knowledge is a right, and we believe the CD Academy will make knowledge available to anyone who needs it. We wish Unilever safety and happy learning.

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