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About Us

About Us

We made online learning simple, and helped farsighted companies
stay on top of the trend. Will you join us?

We formed i-Context because, more than a decade ago, we knew that online learning was going to be the future of learning. The ability to deliver education any time, anywhere, and to anyone, is simply better than the traditional face-to-face model.

But, back when we started and the industry was fresh, everyone agreed that you just can’t match the interactivity and engagement of a face-to-face setting. We didn’t accept that as a fact. To us, it was a challenge worth overcoming.

And overcome it we did. Today we’re proud to say that we solve this problem on a daily basis. We’ve crafted a set of eLearning products that companies, institutes, schools, and all their learners enjoy using.

Our solutions

We listened to your needs. The end result is a suite of platforms and services that do your work for you, so you can focus on what matters.

We’ve tailored a set of products to match your eLearning needs. We even handle infrastructure, personnel, maintenance, and everything in between you don’t want to waste time on. All you have to do is sit back and watch your learners develop.

Whether you’re a corporate, higher education institute, or K-12 education provider, we’ve got the solution for you:

Want to train your people remotely?

Need to teach your higher education students online?

Looking for a way to manage your school online?

Need customized eLearning content for your online learning platforms?

Want to reach your learners on their mobile devices?

The best part—we customize and fine-tune each of our solutions to overcome your challenges. You are unique; why shouldn’t our solution for you be the same?

What we’ve done.

However many successes we achieve, we’ll keep measuring ourselves by the good we do.

Just ask the top companies who train amazing people through our platforms. Or even better, ask their learners who’ve used our tech to become better versions of themselves.


Only one question remains.
Will you join the eLearning revolution?

We believe in your privacy. Ask us how.

At i-Context, we’re committed to protecting the information we receive by ensuring it’s used only to support students, institutions, and education. We’re guided by five key principles: transparency, accountability, integrity, security, and confidentiality.
Want to learn more about how we keep your data safe?

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