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Next-gen learning and school management solution for K-12.

EdGuruX is the all-in-one online schooling solution that makes life easier for students, parents, teachers, and schools.

Students should learn. Teachers should teach.
Leave everything else to us.

EdGuruX takes care of the finer points of online schooling. We built our platform for everyday use by students, parents, teachers, and schools. Here’s how EdGuruX makes online schooling simple:


Students learn best when they’re having fun. Our solution lets students engage with lessons through video, audio, text, and image content, and more.


We’re more than an LMS. Our comprehensive school management tools mean administrators can handle thousands of students in one place.


We keep everyone on the same page. With constant updates, notifications, and easy-to-understand reports, EdGuruX makes sure no one’s left behind.

Makes learning easy and fun for students

It’s hard enough getting kids to pay attention in a classroom. When they’re learning online? The distractions pile up.

EdGuruX was designed to change this. Our solution is fully interactive, meaning students stay engaged. They never have to miss a lesson, either. Students can access learning from anywhere, at any time.

Extensive toolkit for teachers

Teachers never do just one thing. Whether they’re preparing lesson plans, grading assignments, or figuring out how to teach a tough subject, teachers are always juggling a lot.

With EdGuruX, everything gets a whole lot simpler. An extensive toolset built into the solution means teachers can get everything planned and ready with a few clicks, so they can focus on what really matters — changing students’ lives for the better.

EdGuruX plays nice with all.

Our solution is seamlessly integrated with the software your school uses. No one has to get used to unfamiliar tech, and the learning can continue without a hitch.

Features for schools and school districts

Your school no longer has to manage thousands of students throughout the year. EdGuruX simplifies your students’ learning life cycle. Enrollment, graduation, timetabling, all with a single click.

EdGuruX also makes life easy for school districts. Deep and insightful student analytics, easy-to-understand instant reporting, and more features are baked into the system, making our solution ideal for school districts managing multiple schools.

Real-time updates for parents

Parents are the biggest stakeholders in a child’s education. So why shouldn’t they stay on top of what’s going on?

Parents will love the EdGuruX Parent Portal. See your child’s course work, deadlines, reports, and more. We cover everything a parent should know about a student’s education. And to make life easier for busy parents, EdGuruX even handles school fees and payments.

EdGuruX is changing the way schools learn. Here’s what our users have to say about us.


Ready to save your school both time and money?

EdGuruX can handle everything your school does, all on one convenient platform. Start making life easier for students, teachers, schools, and parents, with EdGuruX.

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