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Virtual Academy MooC (VAM)

Virtual Academy MooC (VAM)

Because higher education deserves a higher standard LMS.

The Virtual Academy MooC (VAM) makes it easier for higher education institutes to reach and impact their students. Deliver courses online, track student progress, and manage student learning. All from one convenient platform.
Trusted by 100,000+ daily users.

Why VAM works

It’s called “higher education” for a reason. Students, instructors, and even the learning are simply on another level. That’s why higher education institutes deserve an LMS that goes above and beyond. And the VAM solution delivers that higher standard on a daily basis.

Here’s why VAM is the first and last LMS you’ll ever need:

Simplified learning management

Whether you want to train 10 people or 10,000, our LMS makes learner management convenient. Manage everyone from one dashboard.


Make students a part of the learning process, and not just an end-point. With VAM, you can engage students with an array of teaching styles and tools that cover everyone’s needs.

Real-time analytics

Find out whether your work is having the impact you want. See student progress, engagement, achievements, and more. All from one intuitive dashboard.

Our solution scales with you.

What’s holding your institute back? Most higher education institutes are limited by their IT infrastructure. Setting up servers, hiring personnel, keeping it all secure… The costs are just too prohibitive.
Our solution makes scaling simple. VAM has you covered whether your institute has 100 students or 100,000. Pick the product tier that works for you. We handle the hardware, software, and personnel. And you can upgrade or downgrade whenever you like.

Reach any student,

We believe in being inclusive. Education is a human right, and we’re doing our best to make learning as accessible as possible. And to do achieve this mission, we built VAM to make sure no student gets left behind.
Whether they’re on a desktop or on mobile, Android or iOS, VAM’s cross-platform support means students can learn with whatever device they have. VAM looks and works great on anything.

One login to rule them all

Our solution seamlessly integrates with Office 365, Google Workspace, and more. Log in, learn, and leverage an arsenal of digital tools, all using one set of credentials.

Creating learning material has never been easier

Instructors should have the freedom to focus on delivering impactful education. We designed VAM to help them do this, not distract them.

Creating learning content with VAM is simple: just drag and drop. That’s it. No coding, no experience needed. We have dozens of templates ready to go, or you can start from scratch. Our solution makes it simple to create courses, exams, surveys, polls, and more, all with just a few clicks

Self-Paced learning,
on the cloud

Some students like to take their time. Others race ahead. The traditional system just doesn’t account for both. VAM, however, does.

Because VAM secures all your learning content in the cloud, students can access it whenever they’re ready. They set their own pace. Which means students get as much from their studies as they want.

VAM is revolutionizing how higher education operates.

Students and instructors all over the world love working with VAM. Here’s what they have to say:


Ready to transform your higher education institute?

Enjoy all the benefits of taking learning online, with none of the strings attached. Get a demo session and see if VAM is the fit for you. (Hint: it definitely is.)

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