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Virtual Academy Cloud

How top companies remotely train professionals.

The award-winning Enterprise eLearning solution that is simple,
affordable, and tailored to you.
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Virtual Academy MooC

You do the teaching. We’ll handle everything else.
The affordable continuous professional development tool with every online feature
you need and none of the headache.
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Do everything your school usually does, but online.
From enrollment to graduation, teaching to testing, manage your school online. Make learning easier for everyone
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Tailor-made educational content that’s as smart as it’s good-looking.
Get cutting-edge virtual content, engineered for your training needs. Engage learners. See the training outcome you want to see.
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Here’s how we can help you.

See which of our eLearning solutions most closely matches your need. 
We’ll customize from there.

I need to train employees who aren’t in one location

I need to manage all my higher education institute’s academics in one place.

I need a simple way to manage everything my school does, but online.

I need interactive educational content for my learners.

I need my employees to be able to learn any time, anywhere.


Virtual Academy Cloud (VAC)

train employees remotely.

We created the Virtual Academy Cloud to help corporates effectively train large groups of employees. The best part: it’s all done 100% remotely.

Simply upload the course material to our Virtual Academy Cloud. The system will guide your learners on their learning path, and you get feedback on their progress.

Virtual Academy MooC (VAM)

for online higher education.

Taking higher education online is only worth it if students are receptive. We designed the Virtual Academy MooC to resolve this, through one key feature—student interactivity.

VAM is a fully-fledged learning management system, and much more. It’s designed to help remotely manage courses, enrollment & certification, learning materials, and of course, interactive live learning.


eLearning For Schools.

With EdGuruX, we simplify the way your school teaches online. Lesson plans, live teaching, student interactivity, payment gateways, parent portals, and more.

Almost everything your school does, EdGuruX has made it simple and online.


customized digital learning content

When learning goes online, learning material has to go on online as well. Printed resources are no longer an option. And while you can send PPTs or PDFs, no one likes reading a textbook on a screen.

Enter EduPrep. Our eLearning content service identifies training needs in your company and works with you to create cutting-edge digital learning content. All EduPrep content is based on the latest standards of SCORM and xAPI.

Whether you need video, animation, audio, or any other kind of content, EduPrep has you covered.


mobile-based microlearning.

Today’s learners are more connected, mobile, and busier than ever before. Taking the time to train them means taking the time out of their work.

We developed i-Reach to be the perfect solution for busy learners. It uses microlearning to deliver bite-sized doses of education that take just minutes to absorb. No time commitment necessary.

Train your learners on the go and keep productivity high with i-Reach.

Integrated Solutions

The first step is the hardest.

Taking education online is hard. But it doesn’t have to be.

Talk to us and see how i-Context can make eLearning
as simple as can be.

Find us how…

we make our solutions work for you
our pricing works
our free trials work
we work!


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About us: i-Context

We don’t just sell LMS software. We solve your eLearning problems. 

Because we know that the best solutions are the ones designed tailor-made to overcome your challenges. Each of our clients’ training requirements are unique. So are our solutions.

i-Context has been connecting learners with educators for 12+ years. We’re proud to work with corporates, higher education institutes, schools, government entities, NGOs, as well as banks, FMCG, and healthcare brands from around the world.

Having delivered education and training to users globally, along with content development services, it’s safe to say we know what we’re doing.

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