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Virtual Academy Cloud (VAC)

Virtual Academy Cloud

The all-in-one LMS built for modern enterprises.

The Virtual Academy Cloud is the simplest way to train your people remotely. Full of useful features, countless integrations, and almost no learning curve.

Our system works hard, so you don’t have to.

Our eLearning platform does the heavy lifting in the background. Your people are free to focus on what matters: becoming better versions of themselves.

Here’s how Virtual Academy Cloud takes the stress out of eLearning:


Whether you want to train 10 people or 10,000, our LMS makes learner management convenient. Manage everyone from one dashboard.


Different people learn differently. With our LMS, you can train using audio, video, text, animation, games, VR/AR, and more. Keeping learners engaged has never been easier.


Skip the data-crunching and see how your learners are really doing. You can check progress, talents, learning hours, and more.

So simple anyone can use it.

Not everyone’s a tech-wizard. And that’s okay. We designed our LMS so that anyone can pick it up and start benefiting immediately. Thanks to the intuitive interface, users don’t have to guess what each button does. Everything works exactly how you think it would.


The LMS that grows with you.

Even the biggest companies started small. That’s why we built our solution to scale with your team as it grows. Need more user slots? You can add as many as you like. The Virtual Academy Cloud supports an unlimited number of users.

Gets along great with the tools you use.

With the Virtual Academy Cloud LMS, you don’t have to scramble between different software doing different things. Our solution seamlessly integrates with Office 365, Google Workspace, and more. Log in, learn, and level up, all using one set of credentials.

A robust system that never goes down.

We made sure that the 100,000+ daily users on our solution have the smoothest learning experience possible. Our infrastructure is built to take a beating. When you train with us, the learning never has to stop.

Everything looks and works how you want.

Your LMS should look like it’s yours. We’ve built our solution to be fully customizable. Your branding, your words, your rules: you have complete control over what everything looks like and what everyone can (or can’t) do.

Reach learners where they are — on their mobiles.

With VAC, you can train your people on the go. Almost 85% of the world’s population uses a mobile device. Virtual Academy Cloud enables the switch to mobile by working great on desktops, laptops, mobiles, tablets, and just about any device out there.

Ready to empower your people?

The Virtual Academy Cloud will change the way your company does training. Give your people the tools they need to succeed, with VAC.

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